Vision USA

Date: Save Your Vision Week
This is a national program providing free eye care to local area residents who qualify through need. Our office has received commendations by Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and William Clinton for this service.


Date: Ongoing
a new program developed by the American Optometric Association and former president Jimmy Carter to insure that all children receive a least one eye examination prior to entering school.


Sunglasses 2nd Pair Discount

‚ÄčWhen purchasing a second pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription) with the purchase of either eyeglasses or a yearly supply of contact lenses, a 25% discount will be applied to the lower priced item. May be combined with an insurance plan when an insurance plan is used for only one of the items. Second pair must be ordered at the same time as initial order with payment in full at the time of the order.

Here at Lansdowne Eye Associates, we really appreciate our patients. We are proud of all of our eye care services and are glad that you continue to come to us for all of your eye care needs.

We are dedicated to providing the very best care to our patients. We also know that there are a lot of choices, so we are happy to know that you continue coming to us for all of your eye care needs.

To thank our dedicated patients, we are proud to offer many different events and specials so that they can get the best care at the best price. Be sure to stop back often to check out all of the specials and events we are running. We want you to get the care you deserve while also saving some money.

Again, our entire staff at Lansdowne Eye Associates wants to thank you for being a loyal patient. We are proud to be able to take the very best care of your eyes. We also enjoy helping you save money in the process.