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The Importance of Regular Eye Exams for Overall Health

Many individuals do not schedule regular eye exams as part of their annual health checkups. That is unfortunate since the eyes serve as the primary source of perception. They are a crucial part of one’s health and well-being. Individuals of all ages and vision capabilities need to prioritize regular eye exams.

Using OptiLight™ to Measure the Impact of Glandular Dysfunction on Vision

Dry eye syndrome is characterized by the eye’s inability to remain lubricated. The problem usually occurs as the tear film fails to produce and maintain good-quality tears. The condition causes irritation, burning, and a sensation of something in the eyes. Dry eye can be caused by factors that limit tear production, while others increase tear evaporation. 

The Role of Neurolens in Modern Vision Correction

Do you experience eye fatigue, headaches, or eyes that feel dry? Do you have neck and shoulder pain or frequent bouts of dizziness? You could have misaligned eyes if you experience the symptoms, especially after prolonged digital device use. When the eyes fail to work correctly, it can cause strain and poor vision. Vision correction lenses can help improve eyesight. 

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